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Articles On Prescription Drug Abuse

I'm looking for articles on prescription drug use for a paper I am witting for school. Can you help me get some information?


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Alcohol Anonymous

I've been going to alcohol anonymous for about 6 months. I like going but, I don't think I can stay sober just by going to meetings. The cravings are driving my crazy and I started drinking again tonight. I don't know what to do. Can you help?

Cure For Meth Addiction

Is there a cure for meth addiction? I need help and so do my friends. I'm tired of being a slave to this crap.

Meth Rehabilitation

Can you honestly tell me that meth rehabilitation is possible for a sinner like me? I've done a lot of bad things but, I would like to get help and change my ways.

Pain Killer Vicadin

I've been taking the pain killer vicadin and I can't stop now. How can I get help to stop with out losing my mind?

Treatment For Meth Addiction

In my search for treatment for meth addiction I feel completely lost at all the options I've ran into. Can you help me find the best treatment for my son?

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